Teeter Hang Ups – Roger Teeter, the Man Behind Teeter Hang Ups

ArticlesWho is Roger Teeter:


You have seen him on TV, home shopping and countless ads showing off all the benefits of inversion. Roger Teeter has become a legend in the fitness community not only for what he has accomplished in his life professionally, but also personally. Roger truly is a man who lives each day to the fullest and firmly believes in the benefits of inversion. As Roger says -  “Even though I am in my 70’s, I feel great.”






Inversion changed his life. Then Roger Teeter changed the face of inversion.


Roger Teeter is not a pitchman or a television personality that is paid to sell products. Roger Teeter is an inventor, an engineer, and a dedicated believer in the benefits of inversion therapy. Like so many of the two million plus Teeter Hang Ups users, Roger once suffered from debilitating back pain that kept him from enjoying his favorite past times and living a regular life. The pain was so bad that on most mornings he had to crawl to the bathroom to get hot water on his back to stand.  His vocation at the time was designing water-skis, which he also competed on within regional and national tournaments however he was resigned to wearing a steel rib lace-up brace to simply get through what he used to love.  Inversion at the time was a well known practice and he was introduced to it at a tournament when he tried gravity boots at a vendors booth.  He was so shocked by the level of relief compared to every other tried method of pain relief that he was driven to design and produce a line of inversion equipment therapy which could benefit millions of people around the world. Thus, Teeter Hang Ups® was born.


Since 1981 Roger, and his family, has been exclusively focused on bringing to market the best value and functioning equipment on the market.  Roger Teeter’s equipment is clearly a reflection of his passion for a product that changed his life.


This passion is the cornerstone of Roger Teeter’s life work. He has staked his name and his reputation on the success of the Teeter Hang Ups® product, which means quality and service are of the utmost importance to him and his company. You can feel confident that Teeter Hang Ups® products will surpass the competition because their name depends on it, and Teeter has made inversion equipment for over 30 years (longer than any other company in the world).


Unlike large sporting goods manufacturers that turn out hundreds of different products a year, Roger Teeter’s company specializes in inversion products and accessories. This means that customer service employees have an intimate knowledge of each model as well as all the details of inversion – something you won’t find if your customer calls a larger sporting goods manufacturer. The Teeter team of engineers and designers continuously consult with medical professionals and everyday users to evolve and improve the Teeter Hang Ups® line.